Bradley Cooper is all sorts of hot right now. The, very funny, actor has reportedly landed a role as The Green Lantern in the DC adaptation to be helmed by Martin Campbell, and now looks likely to play Faceman in the big screen A-Team movie that is to start shooting soon. Cooper was in Vegas doing press for the hilarious looking comedy The Hangover, when he was quizzed on if he was looking forward to playing Face by IESB, to which he replied: "That's out already?" and "Wow.'s Joe Carnahan's. It's very interesting. It'll be cool." Rapper turned actor Common is also reportedly in line to play B.A. Baracus, while Bruce Willis is being linked with the role of fearless leader, Hannibal. I'm genuinely excited by this one, as Cooper is a fantastic actor, and Carnahan a director who can do more than just action. We'll be having a chat with Bradley about The Hangover in the next few weeks, and will be sure to put this one to him as well.