Were you a fan of Silver Linings Playbook? Us too. Having enjoyed their experience working together first time round so much (not to mention how well their collaboration did in both critical and financial terms), director David O'Russell is said to be reuniting with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence on another exciting project.

As per Deadline, Lawrence is now due to join O'Russell on his formerly entitled movie American Bullshit, that already has Cooper attached to a lead role. Christian Bale is also starring and Lawrence is now poised to star as the former Dark Knight star's wife. Rumour has it that title of the movie is set to change. Based on true events, this film will centre on an undercover sting operation known as Abscam. Abscam was set up back in the 80s by a con artist whose aim was to root out political corruption after having infiltrated the FBI.

Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Louis CK are also set to star in this movie. With a mix of names like this, we reckon O'Russell's Abscam flick will follow suit with Silver Linings. We haven't seen a cast like that in a while. Here's hoping he strikes gold again. Filming will begin later this year.