The superb Boyhood is starting to gain momentum as awards season approaches with several critical circles picking it as the best of the year.

LA film critics and other movie scribes from Boston and New York named it film of the year. Marion Cotillard and the always fantastic J.K. Simmons are also beginning to to stack up the awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, with Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne duking it out for the majority of the Best Actor plaudits.

The real test comes with the 'Guild' awards, when actors, directors, writers and producers pick the work they believe to be the best of the year. That's probably a better gauge than The Golden Globes, which is press voted - like the previously listed awards. Academy members are generally former or current industry members. These is why politics always plays a huge part in nominations and winners. 

Jake Gyllenhaal has to get a nod for Nightcrawler. Performance of the year. Would also like to see Skeleton Twins pick up some momentum.