Despite a lengthy promotional campaign, one of the most recognisable actresses working today, and a beloved intellectual property to boot, Ghost In The Shell has largely flopped on its release.

Here in Ireland, Ghost In The Shell opened fifth at the Irish box office, making €129,937 this weekend. Beauty and the Beast maintains its grip on the Irish box office, now closing in on €4,000,000 earned in three weeks. Meanwhile, Smurfs: The Lost Village and preview screenings of The Boss Baby managed to outperform Ghost In The Shell significantly.

The Boss Baby took in €307,130 whilst Smurfs: The Lost Village totalled €202,761 in the Irish box office. Internationally, Ghost In The Shell didn't fare much better either. According to, the film made $40,100,00 in foreign markets with a US opening of $20,000,336.

Against a $110 million production budget and a sizable promotional budget on top of that, Ghost In The Shell is facing stiff competition to recoup its losses.