Seeing as how 'Sonic' has become something of a critical success and the box office isn't too shabby either, movie studios are now steaming ahead with any and all gaming adaptations they've had on the backburner for some time.

Sony, for example, finally managed to get 'Uncharted' into production after ten years of trying, and now 'Borderlands' is headed for a live-action adaptation. What's more, none other than horror impresario Eli Roth is going to be behind the camera.

No casting has been announced as of yet, however some heavy hitters are lining up to get it going. For example, 'Chernobyl' screenwriter Craig Mazin has penned the screenplay, while Avi and Ari Arad - the father-and-son duo behind the original 'Spider-Man' trilogy with Sam Raimi - are producing.

Plot-wise, the details are thin on the ground but the likelihood is that it will take its cues from the game's rich lore and feature Clap-trap, the overly talkative sidekick of your main character, in there as well.

So, can it work? Well, for one, nobody expected 'Sonic' to be a hit so anything's possible at this stage. Whether or not Eli Roth is the right director for it remains to be seen, as the tone of the game has always been all over the place. It's not child-friendly at all, but it's also cartoonishly funny. It's not a straight-up shooter, but it does have a lot of action to it.

Really though, what will tell a lot of this is who they get to play Handsome Jack, the game's central villain. Best possible choice? Patrick Wilson.