It's having a rough time, what with it being extensively rewritten, but the next Bond movie could be going back to its roots.

According to a casting call seen by fansite MI6, the makers of Bond 24 are looking for someone "extremely physically fit, over 6'2" and will have "several altercations with Daniel Craig throughout the film."

The notice went on, saying that former sports athletes and anyone who looks "unusual" would be given special preference. The character's working name? Hinx.

We think - and we could be very well be wrong here - it's Jaws, played originally by Richard Kiel. Remember him? The guy who bit through the cable car in The Spy Who Loved Me? That guy. He was in Happy Gilmore too.

In other Bond-related news, Lea Seydoux is in talks to star in the long-running franchise.

The French actress starred in last year's critical hit Blue Is The Warmest Colour and has even been in a spy franchise before, playing an assassin in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.


via Collider