Orlando Bloom continues to have a career despite the fact that he has about as much talent as a junkie tap-dancing for his next fix. The "actor" will join the far more talented Liam Neeson and Javier Bardem in the film Fool’s Rush In. No, it isn’t a wacky romantic comedy, rather a serious adaptation of a nonfiction book by Bill Carter, who worked in Sarajevo during the bitter Balkans war siege that lasted 43 months, as an aid worker. Bloom will play the do-gooder and said "I read the script, and the very human story and the very core of this film spoke to me very clearly," before adding: "This is a departure from the very big Hollywood productions." It’s slightly mimicking Colin Farrell’s career choices of late, as he pushes himself in more indie and character driven fare. In saying that, Farrell can actually act. Still, the presence of Neeson and Bardem encourages and maybe Bloom has learnt not to act purely with his forehead since the POTC trilogy ended.