Although Blake Lively may be more well known for the likes of Gossip Girl, she's been making her way into more action and genre fare of late.

She recently turned up in aquatic-based thriller The Shallows and, of course, turned up in 2011's Green Lantern. Now, Lively's making the jump into action stardom with The Rhythm Section, a new spy thriller that's being adapted from a novel by Mark Brunell. Lively will play a woman recruited by a spy agency and given the means and skills to hunt down those who murdered her family.

If that sounds like something like an Ian Fleming pulp thriller, then it shouldn't surprise you that EON Productions - namely Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Brocolli - are involved with producing the film. What's more, Reed Morano, who directed the opening three episodes of The Handmaid's Tale and is an executive producer on the show, will be directing this as well.

There's no release date set for The Rhythm Section, but expect there to be a lot of hype around this one.