Thanks to an opening box office day in China of $22.7 million, Black Panther has now crossed the billion-dollar line after four weeks on general release worldwide.

The film has so far made $520.8 million in the US box office, with a further $419.5 million from the global box office. Not only is Black Panther the biggest blockbuster of 2018 to date, it also now enjoys the title of biggest superhero origin movie of all time, snatching the title from last year's Wonder Woman - all of which is probably why Marvel is greenlighting a sequel right away.

Black Panther entering the Billion Dollar Club - just 33 movies are in the group which includes Avatar, Jurassic Park, and The Force Awakens - is a pretty big moment in the entertainment industry, as the logic up until now has been that movies with a predominantly black cast don't do well outside of the US.

Judging by these figures, that logic no longer holds and considering it's got fans all over - including former First Lady Michelle Obama - it should come as no surprise it's done this well.


Via Vulture