The success of Black Panther is ever on the up-and-up.

The Marvel venture starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan has proven to be a hit with both critics and fans (check out our review here).

After earning $201.8 million domestically between the Friday and Sunday that it opened and $404 million worldwide by the Monday, the superhero movie went on to break a number of records.

These include best February opening weekend ever, biggest non sequel opening weekend, and biggest-grossing movie (in North America) directed by a black filmmaker.

The film also holds the records for, according to Forbes, the second biggest comic book superhero opening weekend (after The Avengers), the second biggest Sunday gross (after The Force Awakens) and fifth biggest opening weekend of all time (after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Jurassic World and The Avengers in descending order).

Now Black Panther has additionally scored the second-biggest second weekend gross of all time unadjusted for inflation, beating Jurassic World’s $106.5 million but falling behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ $149 million. It also has become Marvel’s best weekend-on-weekend performer, dropping just 46% between its opening weekend and last weekend. The former record holder, Thor, fell 47% while The Avengers fell 50%.

It is also just the fourth movie in history to make more than $100 million in its second weekend (having made $108 million), the others being Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149.2 million), Jurassic World ($106.6 million), and The Avengers ($103 million).

Forbes notes that the film currently has a total worldwide haul of $704 million, of which $400 million comes from the US, so it’s on its way to hitting the $1 billion mark (especially given the film has yet to open in Japan and China).