Teenagers Alice and her brother Tom are obsessed with racing cars. Growing up in the borderlands of Leitrim, there is little else for them to do, but when Jimmy Devlin, a local racer and petty criminal, starts taking an interest in Alice, she finds the world of semi-professional rallying is not what she thought it would be. In the aftermath of a tragic accident that claims the life of her brother and his girlfriend, Alice is forced to confront her own guilt.

Set at the time of the financial bail-out of 2008, Jonny Gogan’s first feature since Mapmaker describes a shady black market world where everyone, it seems, is on the take. Jane McGrath gives a mesmerising performance as Alice, a young girl traumatised by the death of her brother, and Love/Hate’s Killian Scott has the requisite charisma for Jimmy, the loner who lures her in. The white-knuckle night races are convincingly staged while the pulsing soundtrack captures the adrenaline rush of the chase on these haunting, blacked-out back roads.

Alistair Daniel, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival