Bill Murray is in Toronto for the film festival that's currently seeing a few Oscar contenders raise their heads, and was quizzed, as he generally is, about a new Ghostbusters film.

Instead of asking him if he'd do another one, which is generally the case, Murray was asked his thoughts on the proposed all female cast.

He told The Toronto Star, “Melissa [McCarthy] would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny - God, she’s funny! I like this girl Linda Cardellini (Mad Men) a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there,” said Murray.

McCarthy, who stars with Murray in the flick St. Vincent screening at the festival, chimed in with "I think that somebody is really trying to do it, but nobody has talked to me about it,” said McCarthy. "Listen, if the people I think are doing it are doing it, I must never question them." That would be Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig. 

It looks like someone is trying to make this movie happen, and you couldn't really argue with Murray's casting choices in fairness. We'd pay to see that movie too!