The very funny Saturday Night Live and Superbad star, Bill Hader, is working on two intriguing sounding flicks. The first is an action comedy called Henchmen, while the second a darker comedy titled Vaughn Meader.

Of the great sounding Henchmen, he told The Playlist: "They came to us with this script that Hot Rod director Akiva (Schaffer) and I are now reworking." He added, "The film is about two guys who don’t realize it, but they’re two henchman for like the bad guy in a Bourne movie and then they slowly figure who that they’re working for the wrong guys, but like doing it in the actual style of one of those films." Cracking idea. Vaughn sounds a little more dramatic, but would certainly suit the comedian for a starring role. He spewed on the film that would be about a former JFK impressionist "He had this comedy album called The First Family and it was the biggest selling comedy record, still to this day I think it’s one of the biggest selling comedy records," adding "He does this insane, amazing JFK impression and then JFK gets assassinated and his whole career goes away. So (The Wrestler scripter) Rob Siegel is working on that now."

I firmly believe that Hader is destined for superstardom. He's just waiting on the right starring role after some hilarious supporting turns. Either of those, or both, could be it.