After you've finished your term as US President, what does one do after they've worked crazy hours for four - or eight - years, with the entire world resting on their shoulders?

Some go into charity work, others retire from public life, some take up art. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, has written a mystery novel with James Patterson based partially on his experiences as US President. The novel, which is due to be released in June of next year, is called The President Is Missing and is already being touted as an international bestseller - hence why the movie rights are being negotiated before the book is even released.

According to a report in THR and Deadline, President Bill Clinton and author James Patterson are flying in to Hollywood to hold meetings with the likes of JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and a few others to discuss turning the novel into a film. The President Is Missing is Clinton's fourth book since leaving office, having written three non-fiction books so far, including his autobiography My Life.

There's no word yet on a precise plot for the novel, however the book promises details that "insider details that only a president can know."