We're not going to lie, we still consider the idea of a live action remake of The Lion King to be sacrilege.

The original is perfect. Leave it alone, please just leave it alone. 

That being said, we're big fans of Jon Favreau, in particular of the job he did with The Jungle Book remake. So if someone has to make this film, we're glad it's him. 

While there hasn't been much news on the production thus far, there is one piece of casting news that has emerged overnight and it's a doozy. According to Variety, Beyonce is Favreau's first choice to voice Nala. 

Makes sense right? Who better to play the lion that becomes Queen of the jungle than Queen Bey herself? 

One potential stumbling block of course is her pregnancy with twins. Sources referenced by Variety say that she's taking time to weigh up the decision. The fact that the job would strictly be a voice role does make things easier and the sources also say that Favreau and the studio are prepared to do whatever it takes to accommodate her. 

While there's no suggestion of it in Variety's report, we wouldn't be too surprised if Beyonce is also asked to contribute to the soundtrack should the filmmakers decide to add some new songs to the remake like they did for Beauty and the Beast.