If you didn't know Bette Midler was on Twitter, get on that now because she's genuinely hilarious on the thing.

She even posts .GIFs and everything, it's crazy. Midler offered an update on the much-rumoured Hocus Pocus sequel, saying that it's been delayed by Disney.

Why, you might ask? She says Disney are having trouble "finding a virgin", which strikes us as quite believable.

As we reported before, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy have all expressed an interest in returning for a Hocus Pocus sequel and Disney, no doubt, have considered it.

So, the question is, why is it taking SO long to get it made? It might just be that Disney has a bit of an issue with the whole virgins thing from the original and trying to reframe that in a post-Internet world is proving difficult.

It could be, as well, that Midler and Co. are asking for too much because, let's face it, if there's demand for a sequel, the three of them can charge whatever they want.

It all boils down to whether or not people actually want a Hocus Pocus sequel. Do you? Vote in our poll and let us know in the comments!


Via Twitter