Ben Wheatley's directorial efforts have been marked out by some pretty disturbing visuals and themes, but could he possibly work his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

According to today's episode of the Adam Buxton podcast, it's going to happen. The news came about when guest Bob Mortimer was discussing working with the director of Free Fire and High-Rise on a film about - of all things - Michael Jackson's sequin gloves. "He left one of his training gloves that he used when he wasn't on stage and it's a very valuable item now and there's a few people trying to get it," explained Mortimer.

"We were about to start that but then Ben Wheatley got offered one of the big Marvel films, so it weren't for us to say 'you ain't doing that Ben'."

Marvel's release calendar is currently blank after Infinity War and THAT ending, so there's really no telling what they've got up their sleeve. Wheatley himself said in an interview with Little White Lies that he'd be interested in taking on Marvel Zombies, but admitted that it might "a bit too niche."

There's plenty of British characters in the Marvel comics, most notably Union Jack and Captain Britain, so it's entirely possible that any one of them could be adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far, Wheatley hasn't publicly commented on these rumours and he deleted his Twitter account some time ago.

If it is in fact true that Wheatley is directing a Marvel property, it'll likely be announced along with a number of other Phase 4 movies - including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and hopefully a Black Widow standalone movie.


Via Adam Buxton Podcast