We've been following Ben Wheatley's career for the past few years and we've pretty much loved everything he's done.

A Field In England was, for us, one of the most unique experiences we've had in a cinema for some time whilst Kill List will go down as a landmark cult thriller.

His next film, High-Rise, will see Wheatley take on JG Ballard's sci-fi epic about a society breaking down in a futuristic skyscraper that houses social classes in floors correspondent to their status.

Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans and Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss all star in this intelligent, dark British sci-fi.

So that's where Wheatley's been. Here's where he's headed.

At the Berlinale Film Festival, the British director has secured distribution deals for his first US-set film, Free Fire.

Reuniting with Luke Evans, it also stars our own Cillian Murphy, The Social Network's Armie Hammer and Olivia Wilde in what's described as a hard-boiled action thriller.

The first poster and blurb tells of an arms deal that's gone horribly wrong in 1970's Boston, with the film set in the aftermath of said deal.

What's more, none other than Martin Scorsese has joined as executive producer of the film.

Sadly, however, we can't expect to see Free Fire on our screens any time soon. Wheatley is still putting the finishing touches to High-Rise, which is due out towards the end of this year.

We will, however, be keeping a very close eye on this because frankly, Ben Wheatley doing 1970's hardboiled-action sounds AMAZING.


Via Variety / Empire