Ben Stiller has lined up two new projects, one he will direct, the other a film that he had been attached to a while back that was to co-star Jim Carrey. The directorial effort is described as a dramatic comedy called Help Me Spread Goodness. According to Variety, the film is about a banker who falls for one of those internet scams from a Nigerian "Prince" who asks you to send him money, so he can give you even more money. Frankly, we're staggered that so many people still fall for this crap, but fall they do, and hard. The other film is Used Guys, which Stiller was supposed to star in two years ago, with the aforementioned Carrey. There has apparently now has a fire lit under its arse and will go ahead once again, but as more of a romantic comedy, with none other than Reese Witherspoon co-starring. Jonathan Drayton and Valerie Faris, who directed the brilliant Little Miss Sunshine are in talks to direct.