Apparently we're so keen to feast our mince pies on a Lance Armstrong biopic, we'd never have been content with just one of 'em, so we're getting not two but three.

The latest film in the pipeline sees Ben Foster (Contraband, Get Over It) star as the fallen hero, Lance Armstrong. Deadline report that Foster is in final negotiations to appear in a movie that'll focus its narrative on the recent doping scandal that's plagued the former Tour De France champion. With Trainspotting's scribe John Hodge at the helm, we can expect a story that'll chronicle "Armstrong's career, from his cancer ordeal to the scandal that brought him down."

The other projects come from Warner Bros and Paramount.

Are you that taken by Armstrong's story that you'd haul ass to the cinema to see THREE separate films? Who do you expect to see take the lead in the other projects? We still think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could do a good job, though maybe that's just because he starred in a movie in which he cycled a lot, Premium Rush.