We know he's donning the cape again but will it be the same old story of the Dark Knight that we already know? Not if Ben Affleck has his way with it.

According to reports, Affleck's solo Bat project, rumoured to be titled 'The Batman', will veer away from the stories we've seen before and stand on its own two feet while cherry-picking the best bits from previous tales (both cinematic and comic book) that suit it.

Talking to Cines Argentinos earlier in the year during the press run for 'Batman V Superman', Affleck was asked about his standalone Bat-flick and said: 

"I think what I would do, what I probably would do, is in some ways what Zack did with this movie, which is to borrow certain things from the great comic books, but create an original story around it because I wouldn't want the fans to already know the story and be familiar, but I would borrow, steal, great things that have been done before in the comics."

Whether or not that has restrictions and needs to tie into the rest of the DC cinematic universe remains to be seen, and while a plot, release date and official title are all ads of yet confirmed, we will get to see a bit more of Affleck's Bruce Wayne in 'Suicide Squad' when that comes out on August 5th.

Via Cosmic Book News