Anyone remember Batman: The Animated Series? No kidding, when we saw this photo of Ben Affleck walking to his very cool classic car, our minds were cast back to that iteration of Batman. Built like a brick shit-house, basically. That's Ben Affleck.

According to reports, Affleck is spending up to six days a week in the gym to bulk up for the role of Batman and, as this image clearly shows, it's working. Affleck hasn't beefed up for a role like this. Even in the unfairly-maligned Daredevil, he was more about the acrobatics than anything else.

(Image via Daily Mail)

While it's impressive to see Affleck's commitment to the role, we've gotta admit that the jury is still out until we see some footage or trailers. Don't get us wrong - Affleck's a terrific actor and we absolutely loved his directorial efforts. Argo is one of the finest thrillers in recent years, but playing a superhero? Again? We're not sure.