Believe it or not, there's been several attempts to get a Baywatch movie off the ground, but it's now looking more and more likely. Sort of.

From what we understand, an unofficial Baywatch movie is in the works, but the production hasn't been able to secure the rights to the name. So what are they calling it instead? The B-Movie. Fantastic.

Apparently, the film will centre around former Baywatch actors playing exaggerated versions of themselves. How exaggerated? According to the film, they weren't actors - but CIA agents using Baywatch as a cover for their missions.

We're going to pre-empt everyone right now and award this five stars and calling it the film of the century. David Hasselhof and Yasmine Bleeth were actually CIA agents when they were running down Venice Beach? AMAZING.

Already, John Cleese has been lined up to star as the film's villain, playing an Englishman named - get this - Victor Van Vaught.

So how will the production get around the fact that it's not a Baywatch film? The director, Chris Cotton, says there'll be explosions or expensive vases smashing any time someone mentions Baywatch on-screen to cover it. Genius-level filmmaking right there.

Sadly, however, there's no release date lined up for the film, but we're going to play this on repeat until it's on our screens.



Via Telegraph