As far as set security goes, Batman V Superman's been having a tough time of it.

Local news reporters have managed to sneak on set, snap pictures, there's even been helicopter footage and more coming from Zack Snyder's movie set.

Now, however, he's cracking down. The director has threatened any extra who reveals plot details will be slapped with a $5,000,000 lawsuit and, we presume, get the sack on the spot.

That didn't stop one extra who revealed that (SPOILER ALERT) there's going to be a female Robin in Batman V Superman.

Not only that, he potentially revealed who it might be. Jena Malone, who previously worked with Snyder in Sucker Punch, is on set and is in as-yet unnamed role.

Furthermore, the extra also revealed that Batfleck will be squaring off against Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor in a major fight sequence.

How are we feeling about Batman V Superman? Look, much as we liked Man of Steel, it had problems. It wasn't perfect. We're hoping Snyder can rectify those problems this time out.

We had a lot of hope for Man of Steel and they were, quite frankly, dashed. This time out, we're being cautious.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is due out in 2016.