Reboots are pretty common these days, however there are some films that people have a connection do that means it shouldn't be touched.

1995's Jumanji, starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, is one such film. However, it was announced earlier this week that Sony Pictures are moving ahead with a reboot of the classic film with a release date scheduled for December 25th, 2016.

As you can imagine, the news drew considerable disapproval from fans of the original. Many felt that it was unnecessary and in poor taste to reboot the film, what with the recent passing of Robin Williams. Moreover, the cast themselves have been quite vocal about their feelings on the reboot.

Bradley Pierce, who played Kirsten Dunst's younger brother in the film, was recently questioned about his feelings on the film. In a brief interview, Pierce said that it was "a little bit greedy, maybe a little bit insensitive."

Pierce went on, explaining that a reboot had been in the works several years ago although the director and producer were unable to entice Williams to return to the film.

There's many reasons why a Jumanji reboot wouldn't work. For one, the film's fine the way it is. The CGI still holds up incredibly well, especially considering it's twenty years old. As previously mentioned, Jumanji is considered to be one of Robin Williams' most iconic and well-loved films. It's hard to imagine another film without him, quite frankly.

Moreover, is there any want in the general audience for a Jumanji reboot? We haven't so much reached as surpassed the point of reboot saturation. 

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