At this year's D23 Expo, Disney announced some of its forthcoming movie and TV offerings, such as 'The Mandalorian', 'The Rise of Skywalker' and the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the core of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is 'The Eternals', a race of alien beings who lived on Earth millions of years ago and shaped humanity as we know it. The comic book, created by Jack Kirby, debuted in 1976 and has had writers like Neil Gaiman create plotlines for it through the years.

A number of the cast were already announced a few weeks ago, but the full cast was brought at D23 Expo and among them was our own Barry Keoghan, who will play Druig, one of the Eternals. While it might seem like just another role for Keoghan, it's actually been a dream of his for nearly a decade.

As he pointed out himself, he tweeted Stan Lee six years ago - roughly around the time he was on RTÉ's 'Love/Hate' - and asked if he'd make him into a superhero. Stan Lee, of course, had very little to do with the production of Marvel's movies, beyond creating some of the characters and cameoing throughout.

It wasn't the first time Keoghan talked about wanting to play a superhero, either. When we interviewed him two years ago during the press tour for 'Dunkirk', he talked openly about wanting to play Robin, and even shot a short movie to put it out there.

While he didn't end up in the DC Comics Universe, he's now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Keoghan was brought on stage at the D23 Expo yesterday evening, announced as one of the cast members of 'The Eternals', the next Marvel / Disney tentpole due for release in 2020.

Keoghan joins a stacked cast that includes a reunion for 'Game of Thrones' actors Richard Madden and Kit Harrington, with Madden playing Ikaris and Harrington playing Dane Whitman, the Black Knight.

Angelina Jolie will play Thena, Salma Hayek will play Ajak, Kumail Nanjiani and Brian Tyree Henry will play Kingo and Phastos respectively, while Gemma Chan, Dong-seok Ma, Lia McHugh and Lauren Ridloff round out the cast.

'The Eternals' lands in Irish cinemas on November 6th, 2020.