Yeah, we can't really figure this one out either, but here we are nonetheless.

EW has reported that the upcoming live-action 'Barbie' movie will be written by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, and will most likely end up being directed by Gerwig. To say that 'Barbie' has gone through changes through the years is an understatement.

So far, Amy Schumer, Anne Hathaway, and now Margot Robbie have been attached to the role - but none of it has come to fruition. In Amy Schumer's case, the story was set to be something of a satirical take on the character, whilst Anne Hathaway's was presumably more in line with toy maker Mattel's ideas. It's not yet known what Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach's take on the character will be like, but odds are it's going to be different.

Gerwig's directorial debut, 'Lady Bird', was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director, as well as Best Original Screenplay - so clearly she's got the talent to take on something like this. Not only that, her adaptation of 'Little Women' is already one of the most hotly-anticipated movies of the year, and will likely end up in the Oscars in 2020.

If after all that, however, she ends up working on 'Barbie', it's going to be just plain odd - but who knows? Maybe it'll be great?