Judd Apatow has added three more cast members to his Seth Rogen/Adam Sandler stand-up movie, Funny People. Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill have all joined the cast for the hugely promising sounding comedy/drama. Bana was a comic long before he became a serious thespian, while Schwartzman and Hill have obvious comedic pedigree from previous starring roles. According to our buddies in Variety (we use the term ‘buddies’ loosely as we don’t actually know anyone) "the filmmaker, who last wrote and directed "Knocked Up," was deliberately vague about subject matter, allowing only that the movie takes place in the world of standup comedy and the focus is on a comedian who has a near-death experience". We love the sounds of this, and the outstanding cast is just adding to the excitement. It’ll be great to see Bana flex his comedic chops again, also.