No doubt you remember the first time you saw 'Bambi', and that scene involving Bambi's mother.

It's pretty shocking, to say the least, and it's now essentially become a byword in popular culture for something emotionally violent inside what's essentially a cutesy story about little fawns in the woods.

So, after the successes of 'The Lion King', 'Cinderella', and every other Disney library title, they're now setting themselves to work on emotionally traumatising another generation of children with a photo-realistic version of 'Bambi'.

Fun fact, and this really is true - the child who voiced Bambi in the original eventually grew up to become the US Marines' youngest-ever drill instructor, served three tours in Vietnam, was awarded a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts and eventually retired as a Major - all without anyone knowing he was the voice of Bambi.

Anyway, according to a report by Deadline, the Mouse House has set the screenwriters of 'Captain Marvel' and 'Sierra Burgess Is A Loser', Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer respectively, to work on bringing the script to life and then brutally murdering it.

As mentioned, the photo-realistic techniques used on 'The Lion King' will no doubt be employed here, however there's no word yet on which director will be leading the charge or being the sole reason why children will need some kind of emotional therapy later in life to deal with the trauma of 'Bambi'.

If you think we're overhyping how affecting it is, here's the scene in question from the original.