As is customary for every awards ceremony, it features a memoriam - commonly known as a death reel - for those who have passed in the year previous.

Last night's BAFTAs had two major exclusions, which caused quite a stir on Twitter. Comedian David Baddiel had some strong words for the ceremony, 

Meanwhile, Mayall's absence was also highlighted by a number of journalists and activists online.

BAFTA have since released a statement regarding Hoskins' and Mayall's absence, stating that it was a clerical reason.

"Due to the timing of his death in April last year, and the fact that his credits included television as well as film (he was BAFTA-nominated for Pennies from Heaven in 1979), Bob Hoskins was included in the televised obituaries package at the British Academy Television Awards last year."

"BAFTA feature individuals in televised obituaries only once, sadly due to the number of people we'd like to recognise at any one time, and that means difficult decisions to be made as to which ceremony they should be included in. As Bob died in April last year, just before the Television Awards, we felt it was right to remember his wonderful career then, rather than wait until last night's Film Awards."

So there you have it. And just to remind ourselves of how good Mayall and Hoskins were, here's two very funny clips from the pair of them.