Avatar has officially become the highest grossing film of all time, taking the crown from James Cameron's other epic, Titanic.

Worldwide gross for the action spectacular stands at a staggering 1.84 billion, surpassing Titanic's haul of 1.8 billion. The only record it is yet to break is the domestic gross, where it currently trails the 1997 film by $45 odd million. With audiences still packing out theatres well over a month after its release, expect that number to dwindle over the next several days, and Avatar to own that record also. 

The general public seems to really love this film, and are going back for repeat viewings. Cameron has essentially created the ultimate escapism for the price of a 3D cinema ticket, and everyone wants to go. It's an incredible achievement for a director, who answered the naysayers by delivering a hugely enjoyable cinematic experience that is playing like gangbusters around the globe.