Ah Spring Breakers, the good girls gone bad movie that's set to strip Selena Gomez (literally?) of her super clean teen queen title. We're told the whole film is rather explicit, but now one of the cailini involved has come out to say she thought some scenes were beautiful: Namely the one where she was bumpin uglies with James Franco. And Vanessa Hudgens. We sh*t you not.

Yup, in fact Ashley Benson (the blonde one who isn't yer wan from High School Musical) says the scene wasn't raunchy at all at all. "I thought it was beautiful. I thought it was shot beautifully", she told MTV. "We had an amazing [director of photography], Benoit [Debie]. For a sex scene, I think it was just filmed beautifully. It wasn't raunchy. It was telling a story. It was so beautiful," she told MTV.

Young Ashley seems pretty keen to make sure people don't think the film's a bit Girls Gone Wild either. Sure the violence and then young wans running around in bikins are nothing to worry about when you're got the right people filming it! "The film is shot so amazingly, so I think parts like that could be seen as nasty or bad or whatever, it doesn't seem that way because it's just so beautifully done," she said.

To be honest Ashley, that's not really the impression we got from the red band trailer, which is most definitely NSFW....