If you're looking to watch 70-year old men firing off machine guns and killing men half their age in brutal fashion, you're going to have look elsewhere because The Expendables franchise looks like it's more or less finished.

As we reported previously, Sylvester Stallone has walked away from The Expendables 4 over that old chestnut - creative differences - and now it appears as though the franchise's future is up in the air. When asked if he'd be wiling to do a fourth film without Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied in the negative.

"There is no Expendables without Sly," said Schwarzenegger in an interview with EW. "I would never do the movie without him, no."

This, however, isn't Schwarzenegger's only beef with Expendables 4 - he also wants his character, Trent, more developed in the fourth outing and says that even if Stallone comes back, he's still not going to star in the film unless he gets what he wants.

The way Schwarzengger tells it, "the third one, I thought my part was not written well. It was also not playing well in the movie, as far as I was concerned. Maybe other people believed differently. But I didn’t believe that I had any value in the movie. I love the franchise, by the way. I think it’s a spectacular franchise, The Expendables. I think that Sly has good ideas, what he wants to do with it, and I think if they write a really good script (in) which my part is very well-developed, I would do it. If not, then I won’t do it."

Stallone hasn't publicly commented since his exit from the film, and the fate of the film is still unknown. According to Schwarzenegger however, the production is due to kick off in August with a script still nowhere to be seen.

Because Expendables 1, 2 and 3 had scripts apparently.


Via EW