Time for a casting update. We've been so busy yabbering on about Ben Affleck and the Bryan Cranston rumours, we've pretty much forgotten about everyone else.

First up? Leo DiCaprio. Still finding himself just shy of an Oscar, Leonardo's turning his hand to a producer role, for a Woodrow Wilson biopic, in which he will also star as the former American President. A fan of biopics, will this one be better than J Edgar?

Elsewhere, there's rumours via the Latino Review that Arnie Schwarzenegger could be up for a role as a villiain in the next Avatar. Unfortunately, if it comes to fruition, we won't get to see him dipped in blue, as he'd be playing a human baddie. Having worked with James Cameron before on Terminator (1 & 2) and True Lies, we reckon this is a goer.

And what about Gwyneth Paltrow? She's still waiting on that phonecall to return to Avengers set for take 2. At this stage in the game, with casting well under way for The Age of Ultron, it looks like we're done and dusted with Pepper Potts. "Well, no, I don't think so. I haven't heard anything. My phone has not rung for Avengers 2" she said to HitFix.