Will Arnett and recent Oscar nominee Michael Shannon have signed on star opposite Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich in the western comic book adaptation Jonah Hex. Arnett will apparently play it straight, in the role of a union solider who teams up with Brolin's Hex, to inflict asswhooping's and the likes on wrongdoers. Shannon will play Doc Cross Williams, in a role similar to that of Oliver Reed's in Gladiator (being that he runs gladiatorial events). Film is shaping up quite nicely, given that at one point Brolin himself was unsure that it was going to happen at all. With the allure of the aesthetically pleasing Miss Fox, and the heavyweight thespian ability on show, this could well be a surprise hit, despite the relatively little known title character. Josh Brolin is worth watching in everything, mind.