In 2008 11 out of twenty-four climbers were killed in an infamous trek down from the most dangerous mountain on Earth, K2 in a 48 hour period. The Summit, released in Irish cinemas on November 22, chronicles the deadliest day.

This true and tragic story may already be familiar to Irish people as one of those who lost their lives was Limerick man, Ger McDonnell whose final heroic act is central to the film according to its director, Nick Ryan. He says "We are truly excited to be bringing The Summit to the big screen in Ireland, and that audiences will be able to experience the events of the shocking 2008 climb."

The journey back down any mountain after reaching the summit is considered the most difficult and perilous part of the climb as carelessness sets in due to exhaustion or elation from their achievement. It was at this stage of the climb when difficulties really began.

The film won an award at the Sundance Film Festival this year and it certainly sounds like edge-of-your seat stuff. Given that it is from the writer of Oscar winning The Cove and was produced by the same guys who did Touching the Void, we have high-hopes that it will be just as gripping.

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