Robert Downey Jr. caused a storm of questioning at the recent press conference for Marvel's Avengers Assemble on Thursday.

The actor spewed, "We are shooting one more scene. Tonight. Not kidding". The conference then ended so no-one could ask him a follow-up question. Director Joss Whedon denied the claims after, but Mark Ruffalo, who plays The Hulk, chimed in with: "We’re shooting a scene tonight. I’m not sure exactly where it’s gonna go. All I know is that someone came in with the costume and said, 'Here’s some wardrobe. We don’t know where you’re going to be or what you’re doing'… So I’m like, 'All right, when are we doing that?' Today after we’re done."

Could be a nice little tag-on for the final credits, could be the guys messing around. The film is garnering rave early reviews and is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the summer.