Avengers: Infinity War is less than a couple of weeks away – being released on April 25th – and the cast and crew behind it have been promoting it to no end (not that they need to tbh, given it’s going to make a gazillion dollars).

We know that the main antagonist will be Thanos, brought to life by Josh Brolin, but will there be as many bad guys as good guys, since we’ll be seeing pretty much all the MCU characters conglomerate in the movie, to make the battle truly one for the ages?

As Marvel fans likely know at this stage, Thanos will be joined by his dark minions, the Black Order, for the latest Avengers movie, but Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been tight lipped about who is voicing them – until now.

The pair have revealed in an interview with British magazine Radio Times (via Variety) that Carrie Coon is lending her voice to Proxima Midnight. They also confirmed that Tom Vaughn-Lawlor is voicing Black Order member Ebony Maw.



Coon, who is known for her roles in Gone Girl, The Leftovers and Fargo, confirmed the news of the casting on Twitter, revealing that (as was the case with Vaughan-Lawlor), she also performed facial motion capture for the part.


We also know that Terry Notary, best known for his work on the Planet of the Apes reboots series, and for playing Rocker among others, will play Cull Obsidian, a mostly silent character.

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