In academic circles they say a recession can be linked to a rise in Vampire movies. Why? I don't know. But the ubiquity of bloodsucking characters appearing in movies since the worldwide downturn cannot be denied. Sticking with it's popular and profitable trend, it has been reported that Warner Bros have now decided to get another vampire project on the go. This time the fang filled action will take form in Undying Love, an adaptation based on a former miniseries of the same name by Image Comics.

According to Empire Online, the series by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman is a genre mish-mash that takes traditional vampire tropes and blends in Chinese monster legends, with an added splash of Hong Kong action genre. So not at all like the Twilight series then!

The story goes like this: Ex-soldier falls for a young woman. Girl turns out to be blood-hungry vampire but like most modern adaptations, this vampy lady's got a soul and she's capable of some lovin'. Thus, in order to get girl, soldier has to journey to the Hong Kong underworld, from which she hails, battle an army of horryfing demons and ultimately destroy the vampire who created her in the first place.

As stated by Empire, for this flick to be made, original writers Coker and Freedman are to get first dibs on the script. However, as Warner Bros. have just bought the rights to Blood Wars, which will reportedly be made first, it might be a while before we get in on Undying Love's toothy action.

Caroline Foran