What is it about a Stephen King novel that makes for such a good movie? The critically acclaimed author has had in and around 50 of his stories transformed for the big sreen. And here comes another; The Breathing Method. Many a time, Hollywood has done right by Mr King's work; The Shawshank Redemption, It, Carrie are just a few that spring to mind. But sometimes they can get it awfully wrong. Will this story make the transition to the big screen with ease? We will have to wait and see.

As per StephenKing.com, "The Breathing Method, from Stephen King's bestselling collection Different Seasons, takes place in an exclusive gentlemen's club in New York, where no one pays any dues. Membership is based upon a telling of tales, and one nightmarish tale about a disgraced woman determined to give birth--no matter the consequences--pays for them all."

Said 'consequences' allude to the decaptation that said woman endures after a car accident. Despite losing her head (eh, really?) the woman continues to breathe until her baby is born. Probably the weirdest premise for a movie we've heard all year. But hey, let's trust Stephen King. He's put this in the capable hands of The Exorcism of Emily Rose' director and co-writer who will reunite here with the same production team from Sinister, which by all accounts, was a very good, terrifying movie.