Amy Schumer couldn't be any more popular right now. The comedian is currently riding off of huge success with Trainwreck and his killing it on every talk show she does. 

Now, we saw Trainwreck last night and really dug it. Might actually be Judd Apatow's best film, and we're fans -  we kid you not. Anyhow, in one scene there's a throwaway line about Anne Hathaway and an Oscar. It's very funny, and Hathaway obviously saw the funny side too. Or is really good at pretending she saw the funny side on her Facebook Page

Hey, at least she paid to see the movie anyway. 

There is a little bit of history between Hathaway and Judd Apatow, who originally cast her in Knocked Up - his second film. Hathaway was cast in the Katherine Heigl role, but replaced fairly sharpish. Could've been amiable, but we're not sure producer and star Seth Rogen was a fan afterwards. Shortlist reckon she dropped out because of actual baby footage in the birth scene. 

She seems firmly aboard the Schumer bandwagon anyway.