If you're of a certain vintage, you might remember Pete's Dragon - a very, very weird Disney musical film about a young boy who befriends an animated dragon that only he can see. Or so everyone thinks.

Well, because this is the way things are now, it's getting a remake.

We'd normally roll our eyes at yet another classic children's movie being remade, but this looks like it could be interesting. To start off with, David Lowery - who helmed 2013's criminally underrated Ain't Them Bodies Saints - will be looking after the directing duties. There's an impressive cast lined up, too. Robert Redford, Star Trek's Karl Urban and The Hunger Games' Wes Bentley have been cast in various roles.

What's more, WETA Digital - the CGI crowd behind Lord of the Rings - will be working on blending the live-action elements with CGI. It looks like it could be an interesting take as the original had some dark moments - the kid was being abused, for example - so there's something there to make a more rounded, dramatic story.

To jog those long memories, here's a quick look at the 1977 trailer.