Undettered with a cool critical reception and being shut out of this year's Awards season, Angelina Jolie is already lining up her film.

Having directed this year's Unbroken with Jack O'Connell and J-pop sensation Miyavi, she's set to direct a biopic of paleo-archaeologist Richard Leakey, titled Africa.

Leakey was one of the foremost opponents of elephant and rhino poaching in Kenya and regularly battled with the corrupt government on matters of conservation.

Jolie has signed up cinematographer Roger Deakins to help her shoot the film and is looking to enlist her husband Brad Pitt to star.

How does that go, exactly? Is it over breakfast and she just says, "Yeah, you're doing my next film. And take out the bins, too."

What are we saying - they clearly have someone take out the bins.

As mentioned, Jolie's second directorial effort, Unbroken, was met with a certain degree of ambivalence by audiences and critics alike.

While we're sure this will look beautiful - Roger Deakins in Africa, come on - we can't say the same for the story.

We'd imagine it'll be very rousing and emotional with Pitt connecting with animals and stuff.

Exciting stuff. Cough.


Via TheWrap.com