Nostalgia is a powerful stimulant for some people.

Reboots are everywhere across the entertainment industry, but what about actually making something like it was in the past? That's where 'Angel Has Fallen' has come. A movie so retro, so decidedly and unironically trying to place itself as if it's in the past, you'd actually think this movie was made and released in 1996.

You could easily imagine someone like Jan De Bont or Phillip Noyce directing this, with a script by Robert Towne utterly phoning it for the paycheque. George Dzundza turns up as a local Washington DC cop, and, of course, Morgan Freeman's in there somewhere as well. Sadly, George Dzundza is not in 'Angel Has Fallen' - but Gerard Butler is, and that sort of makes up for it.

'Angel Has Fallen' follows on from 'London Has Fallen' and 'Olympus Has Fallen' in the 'Has Fallen' series, so our guess is this is either going to be the last of the series - depending on whether they can get Gerard Butler back for another one.

'Angel Has Fallen' hits Irish cinemas on August 23rd.