For anyone who hasn't seen 'It Follows' but likes innovative, terrifying horror then you are missing out. It's a belter, so it was only a matter of time before its talented director David Robert Mitchell moved towards something at a larger scale with a movie star.

Mitchell has penned 'Under the Silver Lake', which will be headlined by former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield and he'll also direct. 

We know nothing about the film other than that's it is a crime thriller, and Garfield and Mitchell had it packaged together before selling to the studios. So the two men obviously clicked.

British actor Garfield has two very big movies incoming; Mel Gibson's first directorial effort since Apocalypto 'Hacksaw Ridge' and Martin Scorsese's drama 'Silence,' co-starring Liam Neeson.

Expect both men's careers to go full steam ahead in the next 12 months or so.