Anchorman helmer Adam McKay has dropped some hints about what we can expect in the highly anticipated sequel.

The director told, "I don’t want to give away too much, but I’ll just give a couple pieces of ideas that we’ve kicked around. Keep in mind we’re still writing the story, but I’ll say one phrase for you: custody battle. I’ll give you that. I’ll give you one other one: bowling for dollars." He also added as to why the sequel happened all of a sudden when it was thought dead at Paramount, "We’d check in with [Paramount] every now and then and go, are you sure you don’t want to do it? And finally they had said basically no three times and we had given up and thought all right, let’s go do another movie. We were playing with the idea of doing Stepbrothers 2 or another original movie. And just at the last second I said, go check in with them again and see if it’s just 100 percent dead. And, crazy luck, a movie had fallen through for them, their view on it had kind of changed and that was it."

I really think this will be huge. The budget is a fairly modest $50 million and given the fanbase the original has it has a good shot at recouping that budget opening weekend. We can expect to see it in late 2013/early 2014.