We know what you're thinking - why is the place that sells books making films?

As it turns out, Amazon has a burgeoning studio that's won a number of awards for itself.

Amazon was behind the Golden Globe-winning Transparent, with Jeffrey Tambor winning Best Comedy / Musical TV Actor and Best Comedy / Musical Series.

On foot of this success, they're making the next logical step - into filmmaking.

This isn't the first time a VOD service has made the leap into becoming a full-blown studio.

Netflix have already signed on to produce a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel and are exploring other potential releases.

As for Amazon, they saw they're going to produce a slate of twelve films per year with independent film guru Ted Hope at the helm.

The films will be released in cinemas, as per usual, and then will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime just FOUR WEEKS after they've been in the cinema.

It's not yet known if Amazon will begin its TV service in Ireland and if that same service will include film, but it's an interesting move.

Netflix and Amazon are keen to weaken cinema chains' hold over film properties and audiences are clearly shifting towards home viewing rather than cinemas.


via Deadline.com