Word on the street is Amanda Seyfried feels 'emotionally enlightened' after portraying world famous 1970s pornstar Linda Lovelace.

Now, the actress who first garnered our attention with her boob-inspired weather reports on Mean Girls is determined to continue on the path towards riskier roles. Seyfried says the controversial character taught her a lot about herself and made her feel like a real actor for the first time.

Speaking with BANG Showbiz, the 27 year old Mamma Mia actress said of her most recent role: 'The biggest lesson is that I want to be playing real people. There is so much to learn about yourself, so much to read into, dive into. I kind of lost myself a little at one point which was fun, I felt like a real actor. I'm not afraid of darkness... This was the biggest emotional education I've ever received, I was embodying someone that had a life and was human, I learned a lot.. She's a real person, we never got to do that before. It's important for any actor to jump into somebody else's skin.'

She then continued: 'I think diversity is good, I don't think it can be judged. I think to prove to people that I am an actor I don't have an image because I'm playing all these different characters. I mean I certainly don't do romantic comedy after romantic comedy because I don't want to get stuck.'

But what of the filming of those raunchier and more dangerous scenes that present the audience with a depiction of domestic violence: 'I was pretty nervous, the violence was kind of the issue for me. That was hard because it's hard to be handled in that way. It was very difficult and terrifying but I feel like this was the perfect role for me. I wasn't that scared by the things I think a lot of people would have been scared about, I was more scared of taking responsibility of somebody's life.'

We've yet to see Seyfried's interpretation of Lovelace, but when we do, you'll be the first to hear what we thought.