‘I knew you were trouble when I first set eyes on ya,’ says stable worker Gus to the beautiful Eva (Susan Walsh). He could well be right. It’s not long before the stunning young female jockey is connected with strange goings-on in the stables where she has inveigled herself a position.

The elite and competitive world of Co. Kildare horse racing provides the backdrop for this twisty and darkly funny revenge thriller. The charming, resilient and manipulative Eva is not afraid to use her brawn – and her sexuality – to get her way. But amid the ongoing power battles and  back-stabbing that occur in the stable yard of wealthy racing magnate Pope Healy (Liam Quinlivan), it quickly becomes apparent to some that there is more to Eva than meets the eye. Is she ruthless enough to see her troubling ambitions through?

This unique project was produced by Kildare County Council and directed by Ferdia Mac Anna, featuring a local cast of actors, writers and crew. The initiative set out to promote Kildare’s talented creative pool of filmmakers and actors.

Esther McCarthy

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