Alexandra Aja is a director that has the capability to inflict vast amounts of feel-good pain on the horror genre, having kicked the arse off the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, showing real balls and a flair for the material. Then he made Mirrors, and the aforementioned flair kind of went out the window. Now, he's set to shoot a remake of the Joe Dante flick Piranha, but this time, in glorious 3D - which sounds brilliant. Speaking to the French helmer said: "I'm finishing storyboards now and using the time to improve the script to get the best action and story gags as possible." When asked to explain the concept art (seen here) he said: "That's one of the concepts. There are many because, visually, they'll be different. Like Gremlins not all of the piranha will be the same." This could be fantastic fun if Aja brings his A-game; let's hope it hits cinemas soon.